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9:00am-6:00pm Sun-Thur
9:00am-6:00pm Friday-Sat

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9:30am-5:30pm Sun-Thur

Next Conceal & Carry Classes offered in Store -

Register at Boone's Fine Guns for your next carry class with a cash deposit

You can use your own gun, ammo has to be purchased at Boone's, you receive 10% off your ammo for use in the range.

Upcoming Schedule of Events

Carry Class 

Upcoming Schedule of Events

Date Time Event
1/5/19 10:00am Conceal & carry class
1/20/2019 10:00am Conceal & carry class
2/2/2019 10:00am
Conceal & carry class
2/17/2019  10:00am
Conceal & carry class
3/3/2019 10:00am
Conceal & carry class
3/31/2019  10:00am
Conceal & carry class
4/7/2019  10:00am
Conceal & carry class
4/20/2019  10:00am
Conceal & carry class
5/4/2019  10:00am
Conceal & carry class
5/19/2019  10:00am
Conceal & carry class
6/1/2019  10:00am
Conceal & carry class
6/30/2019  10:00am  Conceal & carry class
7/6/2019 10:00am  Conceal & carry class
7/20/2019  10:00am
Conceal & carry class
8/3/2019  10:00am  Conceal & carry class
8/18/2019 10:00am  Conceal & carry class 
9/7/2019 10:00am  Conceal & carry class 
9/22/2019 10:00am
Conceal & carry class 
10/5/2019  10:00am  Conceal & carry class 
10/20/2019 10:00am Conceal & Carry class
11/2/2019  10:00am  Conceal & Carry class 
11/17/2019  10:00am  Conceal & Carry class 
12/7/2019  10:00am  Conceal & Carry class 
12/22/2019  10:00am  Conceal & Carry class 


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Save $10 over our regular $85 price by paying online and in

This course is also good for your Minnesota Renewal! For those
who are renewing it´s only $75 (with a current and expiring MN

MCPPA Instructor Jason Shade will be discussing the technical
aspects of choosing the right carry gun. He will demonstrate
and discuss the internal and external operation of revolvers
and pistols used for carry. Other topics include basic gun
safety and shooting advanced self-defense ammunition. He will
be speaking about the laws and the use of deadly force, how to
apply for carry permits, self-defense shooting techniques,
handgun retention and more! Don't miss this one!

Range session for MN permit students is an integral part of
this course and you can use our firearms or yours - range fee
is $10 additional and paid directly to the range.

Additional Upcoming Conceal and Carry Class Dates:
    Classes are held monthly.  Please call 320-676-3030 for more details.   

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Conceal & carry class 
Conceal & carry class 
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